My approach will be all about coordination and data. We need real leadership to deliver progress on this crisis affecting around 8,000 San Diegans. Permanent supportive housing would be my ultimate goal. In order to make meaningful progress and get thousands of people off the streets into permanent supportive housing, we need more resources at the local level to continue to leverage federal and state dollars.
— Chris

Leveraging Local Dollars

We can leverage and connect regional resources to help our neighbors living on the streets who are experiencing homelessness. Let’s use a data-driven approach to find the most effective solutions. Many cities across the nation have applied the housing first model with supportive services and programs. We need to apply what has proven to work elsewhere right here in San Diego.

Housing first, because it has been proven to work

“I support sheltering people immediately, then addressing any mental health or substance abuse problems.”

All parts of the City must do their fair share

Geographic distribution of housing resources for people experiencing homelessness must be spread across the city, not just concentrated in District 3.